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TWIL: July 9, 2023

This week I'm recommending the conversation between Lex Fridman and Jimmy Wales (co-founder of Wikipedia) as well as Satya Nadellas's interview for Freakonomics Radio podcast. Both are very

TWIL: July 2, 2023

This week learn about Microsoft's new LLM - Orca - and how to get ready for Microsoft 365 Copilot. Check how to create an enterprise architecture to leverage Azure Open AI Service, and the new models

TWIL: June 25, 2023

Last week there was no TWIL, so I'm reporting two weeks of learning today. I want to recommend two episodes of Lex Fridman's podcast but, if you only have time for one, listen to the conversation

TWIL: June 11, 2023

This week I was mostly focused on Azure Arc and Power BI, but I'm also highlighting two very interesting conversations from Lex Fridman's podcast. I've learned a lot from them. Finally, articles on

TWIL: June 5, 2023

This week I was mostly focused on official documentation around Power BI and Microsoft Fabric. I also went through a few articles on Azure Cosmos DB data migration patterns, using Vector Similarity

TWIL: May 28, 2023

These past two weeks were crazy with new stuff to learn. Microsoft Build 2023 had more than 50 new announcements including a major new product: Microsoft Fabric! I'm also highlighting a very

TWIL: May 14, 2023

This week, I was catching up with the Azure Podcast with two new and interesting episodes. Also, an awesome article by Stephen Wolfram on how ChatGPT (and other LLMs) works, a video describing a

TWIL: May 7, 2023

This week I highly recommend Lex Fridman's conversation with Robert Playter (Boston Dynamics CEO) because it is really interesting. Also, an episode of Azure Podcast on Data API Builder, a free MIT

TWIL: May 1, 2023

Large Language Models are still taking most of my learning time, but I also spend sometime learning about Azure Synapse Link as well as disaster recovery for SQL Server. I'm also highlighting a few

TWIL: April 23, 2023

This week I'm highlighting a new and very interesting episode from Lex Fridman's podcast, a set of articles on large language model training, LangChain, Semantic Kernel and a full-day workshop on