TWIL: September 26, 2021

This week my focus was mostly around implementing a microservices architecture using the Spring Framework,  specifically Spring Boot, as well as API Gateway using Spring Cloud Gateway and Spring

TWIL: September 19, 2021

This week I needed to learn a bit more about Azure Media Services, as well as Azure Durable Functions and Azure Files service. I also learned about Spring Cloud Gateway and found an awesome instance

TWIL: September 13, 2021

This week I'm publishing with a one day delay because there was so much stuff to go through. It was a pretty intense learning week, and I tried to summarize it in this week's post. I hope you find it

TWIL: August 29, 2021

I failed to post my TWIL last week, so this week is, once again, a LTWIL (Last Two Weeks I Learned). I'm not going to change the weekly cadence of these posts, mas I might as well embrace that

TWIL: August 15, 2021

Just as I suspected, I wasn't able to publish my TWIL last week, so this post is a two-week summary. I was on vacations but I still got some learning time, just not as much as I'm used to while at

TWIL: August 1, 2021

Last week before vacations is always a busy week, and this year was no exception. I still did some fair amount of learning though, as I'm studying for Azure certification exams but information about

TWIL: July 18, 2021

Here is this week's TWIL (This Week I Learned) post, with some of the things I've been up to in the last 7 days. You'll find a lot of similarities with the topics I shared last week, but there is

TWIL: July 11, 2021

As explained in my previous post, I'm going to start posting here what I learn every week following the 5-hour rule, under the TWIL (This Week I Learned) category. Since this is the first post, it