TWIL: September 10, 2023

This week I was mostly focused on Microsoft Fabric, but I also read interesting articles on Computer Vision, Azure AI Document Intelligence, Embeddings and Vector Search. I'm also recommending a few

TWIL: September 3, 2023

This week my focus has been mostly around Power BI and Microsoft Fabric, but I also had to delve a bit into Azure Cosmos DB geospatial support and performance tuning, as well as Azure Cognitive

TWIL: August 27, 2023

This week I finished a bunch of episodes from Lex Fridman's podcast, and I recommend listening to the three episodes about Palestine and Israel, even if just to better understand the situation. I've

TWIL: August 20, 2023

I had two weeks of vacations, but the technology world never stops, and there is always something new to learn. This week I'm highlighting a great episode of the AI Portugal Podcast with Manuel Dias

TWIL: July 31, 2023

This week I bring you another episode from Lex Fridman's podcast, and a set of really interesting articles. One on how to build a landing zone for Azure OpenAI, two on Vector Databases and another on

TWIL: July 23, 2023

This was an intense and inspiring (pun intended) week. Microsoft a host of awesome announcements, from Bing Chat Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Copilot pricing, to the availability of Llama 2 and

TWIL: July 16, 2023

This week there were a lot of important AI news, like the launch of Claude 2.0, Generative AI rules in China, humanoid robots that leverage GPT-4, like AMECA and NEO, and Microsoft's LongNet. Also, I