TWIL: July 16, 2023

This week there were a lot of important AI news, like the launch of Claude 2.0, Generative AI rules in China, humanoid robots that leverage GPT-4, like AMECA and NEO, and Microsoft’s LongNet. Also, I recommend another episode of Lex Fridman’s podcast with Marc Andreessen, and a few other articles and pages. Have fun.


Lex Fridman Podcast

Episode 386: Marc Andreessen: Future of the Internet, Technology, and AI
Lex Fridman Podcast presents episode #386 with Marc Andreessen, a co-creator of Mosaic, a co-founder of Netscape, and a co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz. He talks about the future of the internet, technology, and AI, and shares his insights on topics such as the role of AI in journalism, education, and society, the history and evolution of browsers and software engineering, the dangers and benefits of AI for the economy, energy, and misinformation, and the challenges and opportunities for AI in China and the world.

Bing API

Bing Search API Pricing
This webpage explains the Bing Search API pricing and plans for developers who want to add intelligent search to their apps.

Bing Web Search API
The webpage introduces the Bing Web Search API, a tool that enables users to create web search experiences using Bing’s search engine.

Search the web
Bing Web Search API lets users search billions of web documents for relevant content using their subscription key.

Filter the answers that Bing returns
When you query the Web, Bing returns all relevant content that it finds. This could include webpages, images, news, videos, and more. But what if you’re only interested in webpages and news; how can you tell Bing you’re not interested in any other answers? You use the responseFilter query parameter.

Quickstart: Use a Bing Web Search .NET client library
The Bing Web Search client library makes it easy to integrate Bing Web Search into your C# application. In this quickstart, you’ll learn how to instantiate a client, send a request, and print the response.

Power BI

Power Query connector for Azure Cost Management
This page talks about Azure Cost Management connector, which is a Power BI connector that allows users to access their Azure cost and usage data. The connector supports direct Microsoft Customer Agreements or Enterprise Agreements (EA), but not pay-as-you-go or indirect Microsoft Customer Agreements or Microsoft Partner Agreements. The connector provides several data tables such as Usage Details, Reservation Details, Marketplace Charges, etc. However, the connector has some limitations such as data row requests exceeding one million rows, data refresh frequency, data source reuse, etc.

AI News

On AI: Microsoft Copilot Is Going To Be Huge. Here Are 6 Critical Things Every Business Owner Should Know.
Article is about Microsoft’s AI product called Copilot, which is based on ChatGPT and can help users with various tasks in Microsoft applications. The author explains what Copilot can do, such as creating proposals, presentations, charts, summaries, tasks and emails, by using natural language commands. The author also warns that Copilot is not perfect and may make mistakes based on the quality of the data it uses. The author advises business owners to understand and use Copilot to improve their productivity and profits.

Claude 2.0, Anthropic’s Latest ChatGPT Rival, Is Here — And This Time, You Can Try It
Anthropic announced on Tuesday that it’s released Claude 2, a large-language model that the company said showed improvement across several key benchmarks that include coding, math and reasoning skills, while producing fewer harmful answers.

China says generative AI rules to apply only to products for the public
China published measures to manage its booming generative AI industry, softening its tone from an earlier draft, and said regulators would seek to support development of the technology. The rules, set to take effect on Aug. 15, come after authorities signalled the end of their years-long crackdown on the tech industry.

AMECA, the GPT-4 AI Robot, Gets UPGRADED + Launch of OpenAI’s First Robot – NEO
Humanoid AI Robot Ameca, based on GPT-3 and GPT-4 proudly shows off its amazing ability to draw, and meet NEO, OpenAI’s first real-life robot that’s ready to do tasks just like a human. These cool robots are changing our world, but we’ve got to be smart about how we use them. Let’s create a future where people and robots get along just fine.

Microsoft LongNet: One BILLION Tokens LLM + OpenAI SuperAlignment
David Shapiro analyzes Microsoft Research’s paper on LongNet and explains the concept of Dilated Attention described in that paper.

LONGNET: Scaling Transformers to 1,000,000,000 Tokens
Scaling sequence length has become a critical demand in the era of large language models. However, existing methods struggle with either computational complexity or model expressivity, rendering the maximum sequence length restricted. In this work, we introduce LONGNET, a Transformer variant that can scale sequence length to more than 1 billion tokens, without sacrificing the performance on shorter sequences. Specifically, we propose dilated attention, which expands the attentive field exponentially as the distance grows.

Have a wonderful week!