TUGA IT 2016 – Office 365 / SharePoint Workshops Announced

The TUGA IT Conference 2016 is really coming together now, with the announcement of the pre-conference workshops for the Office 365 / SharePoint workloads. It is nothing short of a stellar lineup with 4 fantastic speakers. Check the details below and register until March 31st to secure the early bird price!

Thursday, May 19th

On Thursday, there will be two half-day workshops dedicated to SharePoint / Office 365 Developers.

Understanding Office 365 Developers Patterns and Practices (4 hours) by Paolo Pialorsi
An absolutely essential workshop for any Office 365 or SharePoint developer, which will introduce you to the Office 365 Patterns and Practices project, and teach how to use the tools and guidance offered by this community and open source initiative. The fact that it will be delivered by Paolo Pialorsi who, besides being a renowned speaker, author, MVP and MCM, is also part of the Office 365 PnP team, makes this workshop a rare opportunity. Read more here.

Developing Apps with Azure AD (4 hours) by Radi Atanassov
Authentication has always been one of the most complex topics when developing client applications that need to call APIs secured with Active Directory. This is where Azure ADAL (Active Directory Authentication Libraries) comes to the rescue, making authentication much simpler for developers of any platform, be it Android, .NET, iOS or NodeJS. In this workshop, Radi Atanassov, well known MVP and MCM, will explain how you can leverage Azure ADAL when building apps that authenticate against Active Directory. Read more here.

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Friday, May 20th

On Friday, there will be two full-day workshops, one for developers and another for IT Pros.

Working with a Supermodel for SharePoint Add-ins by Sonja Madsen
Sonja Madsen is one of the most experienced and well known SharePoint Add-In developers, with more than 30 Add-ins in the Office Store. In this full-day workshop, Sonja will go through the steps to build a SharePoint Add-In using modern web development patterns with a strong focus on client-side technologies. It will be great! Read more here.
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Building the Perfect SharePoint Farm: Infrastructure Best Practices Workshop by Michael Noel
A full-day workshop with Michael Noel is a dream come true to any SharePoint IT Pro around the world. Michael is the author of the SharePoint Unleashed books series and one of the most renowned speakers in the SharePoint space. In this workshop he will deliver a master class on how to build a multi-server, highly available and secure SharePoint farm. I’m pretty sure this wil be epic. Read more about it here.
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