TWIL: August 1, 2021

Last week before vacations is always a busy week, and this year was no exception. I still did some fair amount of learning though, as I’m studying for Azure certification exams but information about that is easy to find, so I won’t feature it in my TWIL posts.

Architecture Articles

Hexagonal Architecture, there are always two sides to every story
The Hexagonal Architecture, also referred to as Ports and Adapters, is an architectural pattern that allows input by users or external systems to arrive into the Application at a Port via an Adapter, and allows output to be sent out from the Application through a Port to an Adapter.

Domain-Driven Design: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About it, But Were Afraid to Ask
Great introductory article on a huge topic that is DDD (Domain-Driven Design). It goes through the three main pillars of the methodology and it explains most of the associated patterns used in each one.

Azure Services

This week I read a bit about Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and I also wanted to share a link to Filipe Teixeira’s blog which features really good how-to articles on the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Best practices: Azure Kubernetes cluster set up
Interesting article with some advice when setting up an AKS cluster for production workloads.

Optimising for Cost in Azure Kubernetes Service
Article by Stafford Williams on how to create the cheapest possible AKS cluster in Azure. Of course, this is not for production workloads, but merely for development purposes.

[How To] Microsoft Bot Composer
This is the first how-to article in Filipe Teixeira’s blog and it will help you get started with the Microsoft Bot Framework by creating a simple chatbot with Microsoft’s Bot Framework Composer tool.

Cool Stuff

Introducing SQL Server Big Data Clusters
A new offering from Microsoft, which deploys scalable clusters of SQL Server, Spark and HDFS containers running on Kubernetes.

Debezium is a set of distributed services to capture changes in your databases so that your applications can see those changes and respond to them. Debezium records all row-level changes within each database table in a change event stream, and applications simply read these streams to see the change events in the same order in which they occurred. It can be used with Kafka and deployed as a container or a server.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be on vacations so I probably won’t post anything but I’m sure I’ll still learn something 🙂

Photo by Iewek Gnos on Unsplash