TWIL: October 11, 2021

I know, I’m late for this week’s TWIL and it’s way shorter than in previous weeks. But these four highlights are worth several hours of valuable learning experiences, so give them a shot if the topics interest you.

Azure Hybrid

The Azure Hybrid Cloud Challenge
This challenge is a set of 12 modules in Microsoft Learn which took me a little over 9 hours to complete, and took most of my weekly learning time. It’s meant to help you get up to speed with Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI and I highly recommend it if Azure Hybrid is something you’re interested in.

Azure Arc Jumpstart
The Azure Arc Jumpstart project is designed to provide a “zero to hero” experience so you can start working with Azure Arc right away! The Jumpstart provides step-by-step guides for independent Azure Arc scenarios that incorporate as much automation as possible, detailed screenshots and code samples, and a rich and comprehensive experience while getting started with the Azure Arc platform.


Guide To GitOps
This page describes the principles and patterns of GitOps workflows and how you can implement them to run Kubernetes in production and at scale. It also describes the differences between GitOps and infrastructure-as-code (IAC) configuration management tools and of course show you how to adopt GitOps best practices as part of your own development environment.

Cool Stuff

Implement a Secure API and a Blazor App in the same ASP.NET Core Project with Azure AD Authentication
The article shows how an ASP.NET Core API and a Blazor BFF application can be implemented in the same project and secured using Azure AD with Microsoft.Identity.Web. The Blazor application is secured using the BFF pattern with its backend APIs protected using cookies with anti-forgery protection and same site.

Happy learning! Have a great week.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash