TWIL: June 5, 2022

Not a lot of stuff this week, but I recommend the Build 2022 updates episode of Azure Podcast and the latest episode of .NET Rocks about KlipTok. Also, an interesting article on the Lakehouse Architecture with Azure Synapse Analytics, new features of .NET 7 and more. Happy reading!


.NET Rocks

Episode 1796: Indexing Video using KlipTok with Jeff Fritz
How do you find a great video clip after the fact? Carl and Richard talk to Jeff Fritz about his work building KlipTok, a tool for making Twitch video clips more discoverable and shareable. Jeff digs into the tricky bits of KlipTok, which is all about fast indexing and searching to get to the right clip. The conversation digs into various data storage techniques and using the cloud in a way that doesn’t break the bank. Jeff may be a Microsoft employee, but that doesn’t mean he uses only Microsoft tools for his projects!

The Azure Podcast

Episode 425: BUILD 2022 Updates
Special guest Mark Eisenberg (Senior CSAM at Microsoft), co-hosts with Kendall, Evan and Sujit on this special edition of the Podcast to offer his insights into the various Azure announcements at BUILD 2022.


The Smartest Code Architecture
Often, many architects create all the architecture beforehand because they do not trust their coders. But this also impairs the ability of the programmer to create a good quality software because they have to square the code to the shape that is given. We should do an effort and let the «best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams». Because the smart architecture is not having an architecture, but leaving the options open until you know the exact fit.

Airbnb’s Microservices Architecture Journey To Quality Engineering
Companies have the challenge of continuously delivering Quality at Speed software, constraining the software lifecycle with Quality Engineering. Airbnb faced numerous challenges while accelerating and scaling its value proposition, especially in the evolution of its information systems. This article shares Airbnb’s architecture iterative journey to Quality Engineering with practical takeaways.

Data Platform

Building the Lakehouse Architecture With Azure Synapse Analytics
We’re all largely familiar with the common modern data warehouse pattern in the cloud, which essentially delivers a platform comprising a data lake (based on a cloud storage account like Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2) AND a data warehouse compute engine such as Synapse Dedicated Pools or Redshift on AWS. However whilst this is the most common pattern, it’s not the unicorn approach for everyone. There are potential issues with this approach, especially around how we handle data and files in the data lake itself.


Container Cons: The complexities associated with Containers
In the fast and ever-progressing world of application development, Containers have become inevitable and are exploding into the scene, especially in the area of cloud computing. But it’s not all rosy about Containers and they have their own perils. Containers increase app flexibility, but at the same time add complexity in a number of ways. To handle and migrate successfully to containers, the associated complexities need to be handled first. Complexities may arise in terms of security, orchestration, data storage and monitoring.


Karpenter vs Cluster Autoscaler
One of the benefits of using Kubernetes is that it has the ability to scale your infrastructure dynamically based on user demand. So it provides multiple layers of autoscaling functionality: Pod-based scaling with the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler and the Vertical Pod Autoscaler, as well as node-based with the Cluster Autoscaler. This post will cover only the different cluster level autoscalers available in Kubernetes.


The Latest .NET 7 Features Will Change the Way You Code
The .NET 7 framework has just released some amazing new features that will change the way you code. They haven’t been officially released yet, but you can start playing with them and get ready for when it officially launched in november of this year!

Cool Stuff

7 Habits That Changed My Life
Interesting and simple post on 7 habits: waking up and going to bed early, limiting decisions, meditating, reading, coding, making my bed, writing things down.

Have a great week!

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