TWIL: August 14, 2022

Vacations are over, so I’m back to learning new stuff. This week I bring you 5 interesting and very informative podcasts on topics such as Azure Relay Service and Azure Traffic Manager. Also, articles on Apache Doris real-time data warehouse, the Milky Way Map diagram and the 2022 API Platform Landscape by Postman, as well as a few Microsoft news articles. I hope you like it.


.NET Rocks

Episode 1805: Azure Developer Tools with Scott Hunter
How do you make it easier for developers to build apps in Azure? Carl and Richard talk to Scott Hunter about his new role focused on developer tooling for Azure. This means much more than .NET – Scott talks about tooling for Java, Android, Node, and more! The conversation ranges over how Azure can simplify development cycles, debugging, and monitoring in production, no matter what stack you’re using. Scott also digs into Azure Container Apps, announced at Build 2022, making it easier to get started using containers for your applications, but not limiting how you use containers in the future!

Episode 1806: Changing Your Career with Rocky Lhotka
When and why should you change your development career? Carl and Richard talk to Rocky Lhotka about his recent change from a large development firm to a one-man band. Rocky talks about changes in Magenic that helped him make the move he’d been thinking about for years. This leads to a broader conversation about how careers evolve, whether or not you become a manager, and what it takes to be out on your own. There are many ways to have a career – what works best for you?

The Azure Podcast

Episode 433: Azure Relay Service
Evan and Sujit discuss one of the earliest, yet least talked-about services in Azure, the Relay Service. They discuss how it works and the place it can play in various application deployment scenarios.

Episode 434: Azure Traffic Manager
Evan and Cynthia speak with Abhishek Tiwari, Director of Software Engineering about the diverse types of situations traffic manager can be used in, how Microsoft has built a service to support 100% SLA, and how traffic manager can even be leveraged as part of a cloud modernization effort in a hybrid scenario.


Mark Thompson wants you to win
Mark Thompson wants you to win. He talks to Scott about the scarcity mindset and why it’s the wrong way to think about a career in technology. Your winning doesn’t mean Mark or Scott loses.


The Milky Way Map with ArchiMate
The Milky Way concept is based on the fact that most of us can understand and interpret visualized maps better than other kinds of information (such as plain text or tables). A comprehensive overview of an organization can’t be easier to create or easier to use than the Milky Way Map. But the most important and valuable thing is: the Milky Way Map is really useful for all (!) the stakeholders in an organization.

The 2022 API Platform Landscape: Trends and Challenges
We have been conducting hundreds of conversations with developers in high-growth organizations, enterprise architects driving change in the large Fortune 500s, leaders driving the API-first vision in their companies, and CTOs and CIOs who are eventually responsible for driving value for their organizations through technology. Through these conversations, we continue to learn a lot. Today, I want to share some of these key learnings with you, along with a 2022 update on the API platform landscape.

Data Platform

Introduction to Apache Doris
Apache Doris is a high-performance, real-time analytical database based on MPP architecture, known for its extreme speed and ease of use. It only requires a sub-second response time to return query results under massive data and can support not only high-concurrent point query scenarios but also high-throughput complex analysis scenarios. Based on this, Apache Doris can better meet the scenarios of report analysis, ad-hoc query, unified data warehouse, Data Lake Query Acceleration, etc. Users can build user behavior analysis, AB test platform, log retrieval analysis, user portrait analysis, order analysis, and other applications on top of this.

Microsoft News

Thanks to Nuance, Microsoft is the latest enterprise software giant to launch a contact center service
Microsoft is officially entering the contact center fray. The company announced the release of its Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform on Tuesday, which combines voice, video and chat services from its array of products across existing services like Dynamics 365, Teams, Power Platform and Azure, as well as the recently acquired Nuance. With the launch, Microsoft is taking direct aim at the hotly contested customer service space, which counts Zoom, Salesforce and incumbents such as Genesys or NICE, as well as a whole array of startups, as competitors. Microsoft’s product, a blend of productivity, collaboration and customer-service technologies, follows in the footsteps of Zoom’s new Contact Center product and Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack.

Microsoft is a Leader in 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services
Gartner has recognized Microsoft as a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud AI Developer Services, with Microsoft placed furthest in “Completeness of Vision”. Gartner defines the market as “cloud-hosted or containerized services that enable development teams and business users who are not data science experts to use AI models via APIs, software development kits (SDKs), or applications.” We are proud to be recognized for our Azure AI Platform. In this post, we’ll dig into the Gartner evaluation, what it means for developers, and provide access to the full reprint of the Gartner Magic Quadrant to learn more.

Cool Stuff

5 Overwhelming Areas in Life You Can Declutter in 15 Minutes (Or Less)
I’ve studied and applied minimalism for a year now. It’s one of my favorite philosophies of all time. But when I first got into minimalism, it wasn’t easy. I’ve discovered certain areas where decluttering takes minimal effort but yields maximum results. For these, it doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a hardcore minimalist. All you need is a bit of time and the will to simplify your life.

4 Principles to Guide Data Team Leaders
My management philosophy stems from my core mission and values; I seek to serve as a thoughtful leader by empowering individuals and expanding opportunities for others. Reflecting on that mission, I settled on these four core values to practice as a leader. This essay will discuss these four principles and why they are critical to building high-performing, enduring, and adaptable teams.

Notable people
Using data from Morgane Laouenan et al., the map is showing birthplaces of the most “notable people” around the world. Data has been processed to show only one person for each unique geographic location with the highest notability rank.

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