TWIL: November 27, 2022

This week was mostly focused on Power BI topics but I’m also highlighting an interesting podcast on Security and an article on extending Power Virtual Agents with Composer. I hope you find it interesting.


The Azure Podcast

Episode 446: Security & L7 DDoS protection @ Edge, DNS Security, and Private DNS
Azure Networking Engineering Manager Abhishek Tiwari joins us once again, this time to talk about all of the work his team has done to add L7 and DDOS protection at the Edge and the enhancements in the DNS Service to make it more secure.

Conversational AI

Overview: Extend Power Virtual Agents bots with Composer
Extending your Power Virtual Agents bot with Composer makes it easier than ever for developers and business users to build bots together. You can now add complexity to Power Virtual Agents bots using Bot Framework’s rich dialog functionality, and access conversational memory and context defined in Power Virtual Agents. Additionally, Composer developers now have access to the no-code graphical interface and NLU models available in Power Virtual Agents.

Power BI

Licensing the Power BI service for users in your organization
Everyone who uses the Power BI service must have a license. What a user can do depends on the type of per-user license that they have. Licenses are free, Pro, or Premium Per User (PPU). The level of access provided by their license depends on whether the workspace is a Premium workspace or not. This article is for administrators who can purchase services and per-user licensing.

Power BI service per-user and capacity-based licenses
There are three kinds of Power BI per-user licenses: Free, Pro, and Premium Per User (PPU). Which type of license you need is determined by where your content is stored, how you’ll interact with that content, and if that content uses Premium features. The other type of license is a Premium capacity-based license.

What is Power BI embedded analytics?
Power BI embedded analytics allows you to embed your Power BI items such as reports, dashboards and tiles, in a web application or in a website.

What is Power BI Premium Gen2?
Power BI Premium Generation 2, referred to as Premium Gen2, is the second generation of Power BI Premium. Premium Gen2 provides additional enhancements to Power BI, and a comprehensive portfolio of Premium features.

Power BI Premium Gen2 architecture
Power BI Premium Generation 2, referred to as Premium Gen2 for convenience, is an improved and architecturally redesigned generation of Power BI Premium. Architectural changes in Premium Gen2, especially around how CPU resources are allocated and used, enables more versatility in offerings, and more flexibility in licensing models. For example, the new architecture enables offering Premium on a per-user basis, offered as Premium Per User. The architecture also provides customers with better performance, and better governance and control over their Power BI expenses.

Power BI Premium Per User
Organizations can use Power BI Premium Per User to license Premium features on a per-user basis. Premium Per User (PPU) includes all Power BI Pro license capabilities, and includes features such as paginated reports, AI, and other capabilities only available to Premium subscribers.

Managing Premium Gen2 capacities
Managing Power BI Premium involves creating, managing, and monitoring Premium capacities. This article provides an overview of capacities; see Configure and manage capacities for step-by-step instructions.

Power BI Realistic Load Test Tool
For “realistic user scenario” load testing to simulate a realistic set of user actions such as changing slicers, changing filters, clicking bookmarks, and simulating user “think time” where a user studies the report before clicking again, use this Realistic Load Test Tool.

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Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash