TWIL: May 1, 2023

Large Language Models are still taking most of my learning time, but I also spend sometime learning about Azure Synapse Link as well as disaster recovery for SQL Server. I’m also highlighting a few articles on Transformer Models and Prompt Engineering as well as MLOps. Finally, don’t miss another episode of Lex Fridman’s podcast with Manolis Kellis. Enjoy!


Lex Fridman Podcast

Episode 373: Manolis Kellis: Evolution of Human Civilization and Superintelligent AI
Manolis Kellis is a computational biologist at MIT. This is an awesome conversation that goes through many different topics, from Human vs AI, Nature vs Nurture, Consciousness, Education or Meaning of Life.

Azure Synapse Link

Azure Synapse Link for Azure SQL Database
This article helps you to understand the functions of Azure Synapse Link for Azure SQL Database. You can use the Azure Synapse Link for SQL functionality to replicate your operational data into an Azure Synapse Analytics dedicated SQL pool from Azure SQL Database.

Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB: Near real-time analytics use cases
Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB is a cloud native hybrid transactional and analytical processing (HTAP) capability that enables you to run near real-time analytics over operational data. Synapse Link creates a tight seamless integration between Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Synapse Analytics.

Azure Synapse Link for SQL Server 2022
This article helps you to understand the functions of Azure Synapse Link for SQL Server 2022. You can use the Azure Synapse Link for SQL functionality to replicate your operational data into an Azure Synapse Analytics dedicated SQL pool from SQL Server 2022.

What is Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse?
Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse enables you to get near real-time insights over your data in Microsoft Dataverse. With a tight seamless integration between Dataverse and Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Synapse Link enables you to run analytics, business intelligence and machine learning scenarios on your data.

Disaster Recovery

Set up disaster recovery for SQL Server
This article describes how to help protect the SQL Server back end of an application. You do so by using a combination of SQL Server business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) technologies and Azure Site Recovery.

Transformer Models

What Are Transformer Models and How Do They Work?
Transformer models are one of the most exciting new developments in machine learning. They were introduced in the paper Attention is All You Need. Transformers can be used to write stories, essays, poems, answer questions, translate between languages, chat with humans, and they can even pass exams that are hard for humans! But what are they? You’ll be happy to know that the architecture of transformer models is not that complex, it simply is a concatenation of some very useful components, each of which has its own function. In this post, you will learn all of these components.

How GPT models work
GPT models have been making the news, and many people are wondering how they’re implemented. While the details of their inner workings are proprietary and complex, their basic ideas are public and simple enough for everyone to understand. My goal for this post is to explain the basics of generative models in general and GPT models in particular, in an accessible way.

Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering techniques
This guide will walk you through some advanced techniques in prompt design and prompt engineering. If you’re new to prompt engineering, we recommend starting with our introduction to prompt engineering guide. While the principles of prompt engineering can be generalized across many different model types, certain models expect a specialized prompt structure.

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers
In ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers, you will learn how to use a large language model (LLM) to quickly build new and powerful applications.  Using the OpenAI API, you’ll be able to quickly build capabilities that learn to innovate and create value in ways that were cost-prohibitive, highly technical, or simply impossible before now.


Azure MLOps (v2) Solution Accelerator
Welcome to the MLOps (v2) solution accelerator repository! This project is intended to serve as the starting point for MLOps implementation in Azure. MLOps is a set of repeatable, automated, and collaborative workflows with best practices that empower teams of ML professionals to quickly and easily get their machine learning models deployed into production.

Interesting Stuff

2023 State of AI in 14 Charts
The 2023 AI Index is out, covering the world of artificial intelligence from technical performance achievements, ethics advances, education and policy trends to economic impact, R&D, and the hiring and jobs scene. The AI Index is an independent initiative at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), led by the AI Index Steering Committee, an interdisciplinary group of experts from across academia and industry. It tracks, collates, distills, and visualizes data relating to artificial intelligence, enabling decision-makers to take meaningful action to advance AI responsibly and ethically with humans in mind.

Have an awesome week!