TWIL: March 26, 2023

The world of AI and machine learning is constantly evolving, and the latest developments are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From ChatGPT to GPT-4, Azure ML to MONAI, the possibilities

TWIL: March 19, 2023

What a week for AI! Open AI released GPT-4, Microsoft announced Microsoft 365 Copilot, Anthropic launched Claude, Google offers access to PaLM and Baidu unveils Ernie. Also, two awesome podcast

TWIL: March 12, 2023

Generative AI continues to dominate headlines as companies start leveraging it for a set of diverse use cases. My focus this week was still on Artificial Intelligence topics, like deep learning and

TWIL: March 6, 2023

Artificial Intelligence hype is at an all-time high, with a lot of people writing about it (even if they don't always understand it) and great repositories of samples and accelerators to get you

TWIL: February 26, 2023

This week I dabbled a bit into Large Language Models (LLM) and Vector Similarity Search (VSS), important concepts when building real world use cases for GPT-3. I'm also highlighting two GitHub repos

TWIL: February 19, 2023

This was a very intense week with a lot of work, but I still managed to learn new stuff. My focus was still on Azure OpenAI Service but I got to read a little more about Transformers, Self-Attention

TWIL: February 12, 2023

This week most of my learning was focused on Azure Open AI Service, and how to use GPT-3 models for specific use cases, either by fine tuning them or by leveraging embeddings. I'm also highlighting

TWIL: February 5, 2023

The great thing about working with cutting edge technology is that there is always so much stuff to learn. This week my focus was mostly on Artificial Intelligence, more specifically on Open AI's

TWIL: January 29, 2023

I had an intense learning week on topics like Azure Data Factory, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Synapse Analytics and Data Governance. Also, I'd like to highlight the AI Portugal Podcast, an awesome

TWIL: January 22, 2023

This week I focused mostly on Microsoft Purview, but also on Power BI, Azure Database for PostgreSQL and copying files between Azure Storage Accounts. Also, I'm highlighting three very interesting