TWIL: October 23, 2022

This week I'm highlighting a set of articles on Azure SQL Database Serverless, data virtualization with PolyBase, Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Stream Analytics. Also, a very interesting podcast

TWIL: October 16, 2022

This week we had Microsoft Ignite 2022 and, as usual, a lot of announcements and really interesting sessions. Use the Book of News to check it out. Besides that, I listened to two interesting

TWIL: October 9, 2022

I learned a lot this past week! From Azure Data Lake, Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Databricks to Elastic Databases in Azure SQL, there several interesting articles. I'm also highlighting a few

TWIL: October 2, 2022

This week my learning was mostly focused on Azure Data Services, such as Azure Data Explorer, Azure Databricks and Azure Synapse Analytics. I'm also highlighting the latest episodes from the usual

TWIL: September 25, 2022

This week I dove a little into Azure Synapse Analytics and also found a few interesting articles on Data Architecture. Also a podcast on comparing deep learning and the human brain. I hope you find

TWIL: September 18, 2022

This week I'm highlighting a few podcasts, like the awesome conversation between Scott Hanselman and Eden Wilson (Lemonerdy's CEO) and one about Azure NAT Gateway. Also, the newly released features

TWIL: September 11, 2022

When you change jobs, you go through intensive learning days, and that was the case for me too, for the past two weeks. However, most of what I've been learning is either confidential or of no

TWIL: August 14, 2022

Vacations are over, so I'm back to learning new stuff. This week I bring you 5 interesting and very informative podcasts on topics such as Azure Relay Service and Azure Traffic Manager. Also,