Office Dev Day 2017

If you are a SharePoint or Office 365 developer and you want to learn more about what you can do with these platforms, then this event is for you! Join the four Portuguese Office Servers & Services MVPs on March 18th 2017, for a full day of hands-on sessions and labs about Office, SharePoint and Office 365 development.

Event Agenda

09h30 – Registration

10h00 – Welcome

10h30 – Microsoft Teams with bots, connectors and tabs by Nuno Arias Silva, MVP & MCT
Microsoft Teams is the new core team chat tool built on top of Office 365. The focus is team collaboration, but you can extend this experience end augment more data and context into the conversations in multiple ways. In this session we will show how you can customize Microsoft Teams, using Connectors, custom Tabs and Bots.

11h30 – Break

12h00 – Understanding SharePoint Framework (SPFx) by Rodrigo Pinto, MVP
SPFx is the new kid on the block for SharePoint development.
With full support for open source tooling, there’s innumerous possibilities available to build your enterprise components align with industry, standard web development techniques and principles.
Meanwhile we are still supporting past SharePoint model solutions, so ….
In this session, we will go over some of the current options available with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), look at existing custom solutions and learn transformations patterns you can easily apply to embrace the new model on recent … and past SharePoint versions.

13h00 – Lunch Break & Lab Time

14h30 – Supercharge your applications with the Microsoft Graph API by Tiago Costa, MVP & MCT
When creating line of business applications we always need data from several sources. This is no different in a cloud world, but instead of creating different services, that are accessed in different ways, we can leverage the power of the Microsoft Graph API to get data from Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud services in a quick, easy and integrated way.
In this session, we will check how easy is to get data using the Microsoft Graph API to your application, like for example files from OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, list data from SharePoint, schedule a new event in a user agenda, etc… This is a very demo depended session where, we will create an application integrated with data from Azure AD and Office 365.

15h30 – Break

16h00 – From Event Receivers to SharePoint WebHooks by André Vala, MVP
Reacting to events that happen inside SharePoint has always been one of the most common extensibility points and core to many customizations to the platform. For a long time, we’ve had Event Receivers, which allow developers to inject code into SharePoint that gets called whenever a specific event occurs. It works well but because Event Receivers run inside SharePoint and require assemblies to be deployed to servers, it has no place in today’s cloud world.
With SharePoint Online, Microsoft introduced Remote Event Receivers, a way to support the same use cases but keeping the code outside of SharePoint. Recently, Microsoft decided to embrace industry standards and added support for webhooks in SharePoint.
In this session you’ll learn what are webhooks and how they differ from SharePoint’s event receivers and remote event receivers. We’ll discuss how to subscribe to a webhook and what are the development patterns when using SharePoint’s webhooks.

17h00 – Closing


This is a free event but registration is required because places are limited (and running out quickly) and also because the event includes coffee breaks and pizzas for lunch, and we want to order the right amount of each.