TUGA IT 2017 Roundup

TUGA IT 2017 is now over, and all the follow up activities have been completed. It was a huge undertaking for such a small organization committee but it showed how a selfless and motivated team can, sometimes, work miracles 🙂
It was far from perfect and we had to overcome a lot of challenges, but that just pushes us to improve for next year, and do it better.


TUGA IT is a community-driven conference and that makes a huge difference when compared to any commercial conference. The community spirit and knowledge sharing culture is present in every detail, from the event’s organization to the actual content, presented by passionate speakers that give their time (and money) just to bring great content to everyone. I want to thank all the speakers for doing what they do. Regardless of having been awarded the MVP title, each one of them is a true MVP, committed to giving back to the community all they have been given throughout their careers. Check all the speakers and their sessions, at the conference website.

I’d like to share with you a few numbers from the conference, because I think these are always interesting to know. I hope you find them interesting too.


63 Speakers from 11 countries
59% National Speakers
41% International Speakers


3 days of workshops and sessions
120 hours of content
5 full-day workshops and 4 half-day workshops
78 technical sessions (1 hour long)


58 workshop participants (of which 49 on Thursday and 9 on Friday)
141 session participants on Friday
153 session participants on Saturday
274 unique participants over the 3 days (including speakers and staff)


4,17 (out of 5) average session evaluation
4,22 (out of 5) average speaker evaluation
81,4% or respondents considered the agenda and format of the event to be very good or excellent
90,0% of respondents considered the organization to be very good or excellent
92,9% of respondents considered the installation to be very good or excellent
94,3% of respondents considered the event overall to be very good or excellent

Overall, I’m happy with what we accomplished. Now, let’s start thinking about the next one…