SharePoint Saturday London 2017

Yesterday I had the pleasure to present my “Microsoft Planner Deep Dive” session at SharePoint Saturday London 2017, and I loved it. I was really well received by Peter Baddeley and Seb Matthews, and the event was very well organized. Kudos to the team!

This was the third time I presented this session but I always tweak the slide deck and update it with the most recent features of Planner and the Microsoft Graph. This time was no different, but I ended up adding a few non-technical extra slides to give more context about the backstory of my session. Sounds strange? Let me explain.

I present this session by telling the audience a slightly alternative version of Star Wars (yes, I know, it’s everywhere these days), where the Galactic Empire uses Microsoft Planner to manage the construction of the Death Star. All the demos tell a little more of the story and I get into quite a bit of geeky details. From my previous experiences delivering the session, some internal to the company I work for, I got the hint that some younger participants were not following the session because they were not familiar with the original trilogy. So, for this version of the presentation, I added some slides to explain the main characters and locations so that the whole story makes some sense to the younger folks (or, simply, not Star Wars fans). Check it out below.