TWIL: January 16, 2022

Another week, another set of interesting things to learn. Check out the Energy Geek Out from our friends in the .NET Rocks show, a useful article comparing Dapr and Envoy Proxy, three wonderful GitHub repos and more, for your learning pleasure. Enjoy!


.NET Rocks

Episode 1775: Energy Geek Out 2021
Geek Out Number Three – Energy! Richard chats with Carl about the state of power generation in the world today – the growth of wind (offshore wind is growing!) and solar, why geothermal isn’t taking off, and then a long conversation about small modular nuclear power. Is SMR really going to be a thing? 2021 also had a lot of news around fusion – much of it just noise, but there have been some important developments that might actually mean fusion is getting closer! The energy Geek Out wraps up with power storage, including thermal storage, different types of battery storage, even the potential of hydrogen! Lots to geek out about!

Microservice Architectures

Common mistakes in microservices
Daniel Palmer describes 3 of the most common mistakes when designing microservices architectures, namely: overusing microservices, incorrectly decomposed services and forgoing support and monitoring tools. These are not new mistakes, or unique to microservices, but they are exasperated and should be part of your design process, not an afterthought.

Dapr Vs Envoy — When To Use What?
Envoy Proxy & Dapr have gained a lot of popularity as frameworks that enable smoother microservices adoption by letting developers focus on the business logic. Though Envoy & Dapr are built to solve different problems, there are some obvious similarities between the two. In this article, Tanmay Deshpande gives a brief introduction to both frameworks and suggests their suitable usage.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft Dapr to Build Event-driven Microservices
Microservices architectures are inherently distributed. Building Microservices always bring in the most challenging problems, such as resilient service invocation, distributed transactions, on-demand scaling, and exactly-once processing of messages. Dapr is a portable, event-driven runtime that makes it easy for any developer to build resilient, stateless, and stateful applications that run on the cloud and edge and embraces the diversity of languages and developer frameworks.


Azure Durable Functions Succinctly
Durable Functions is an Azure Functions extension that implements triggers and bindings that abstract and manage state persistence. Using Durable Functions, you can easily create stateful objects entirely managed by the extension. Azure Durable Functions Succinctly author Massimo Bonanni will take readers from a recap of Azure Functions through Durable entities so that you can determine if this technology is right for your needs.

Useful Learning Repos

Learn to Cloud
This is a guide based on our experiences getting into Cloud and DevOps. Once done, you should have the technical knowledge for roles like: System Administrator, Cloud Support Engineer or Cloud Administrator. We tried to keep it as general and using the most popular options (in terms of content, community, and jobs) as possible. The 6 month timeline is something we put in place to help people with planning and accountability. It may take you more or less time for each phase and if it does, that is completely fine.

Ultimate DevSecOps library
This library contains list of tools and methodologies accompanied with resources. The main goal is to provide to the engineers a guide through opensource DevSecOps tooling. This repository covers only cyber security in the cloud and the DevSecOps scope.

Must Learn KQL
This repository contains the code, queries, and eBook included as part of the MustLearnKQL series. The series is a continuing effort to discuss and educate about the power and simplicity of the Kusto Query Language.

Cool Stuff

Elon Musk’s Brilliant Hiring Strategy Uses the 2-Hands Test–Instead of Degrees
Elon Musk famously discredits traditional education as means to fielding and finding top talent, saying that “college is basically for fun and not for learning.” And while businesses across the nation rely on academic degrees as a tool for finding talent, Musk holds to his conviction that skills matter more than degrees. In doing so, his companies, Tesla and SpaceX, attract and retain some of the brightest minds of our time from across the globe-no degree required. But the hiring process does require two things, which comes down to one thing: the two-hands test.

Azure Icon Collection
This is a collection of various technical icons, glyphs, logos and other imagery all in SVG format. The icons are mainly Azure related but there are various other brands and logos plus abstract/generic symbols. All files are run through SVGO to clean them up and optimize them, with ‘removeDimensions’ plugin enabled. Many overlaps exist between the three main Azure icon sets, this expected, but each set also has unique icons hence their reason for inclusion. Condensing down to one merged super-set would be a huge undertaking.

Have an awesome week!