TWIL: January 23, 2022

This week I recommend 6 great podcasts from some of my regular show hosts, and I highlight the Azure Container Apps and Azure Load Testing episodes from The Azure Podcast. Also, a really interesting article on comparing Kubernetes Security Frameworks, an article on messaging patterns and much more. I hope you find them interesting!


.NET Rocks

Episode 1776: .NET for Startups with Oleg Fridman
What’s the right development stack for a startup? Carl and Richard talk to Oleg Fridman about his latest startup called Verb Data and the challenges of building a startup with the .NET stack. Oleg talks about how the investors, and sometimes the developers, have concerns around .NET – but not the customers. .NET is well known for being enterprise-class and scalable – but it’s not as well known for being cross-platform, open-source, and cloud friendly. The conversation dives into where .NET makes sense in a project and where it does not and the differences in developing in a startup versus a more established business. Not everyone is suited for startup life, but startup life has also evolved – maybe you’re ready to try it!

Episode 1777: Prism and Other Client Technologies with Brian Lagunas
What’s your UX strategy? Carl and Richard talk to Brian Lagunas about his work on Prism, the UX framework that works WPF, Xamarin, and now the Uno Platform to build good-looking, consistent UX experiences. Brian talks about the challenges around simplifying the UX experience enough to make it easy to do the right thing, while still having enough functionality to not limit what your applications can do. The conversation also dives into web UX challenges and some of the tools that Brian has been working on for Infragistics in the same space.

The Azure Podcast

Episode 407: Container Apps
Our very own Kendall Roden and Daria Grigoriu, both PMs in the Azure team, talk to us about the brand-new Azure Container Apps service. They explain the service in detail and discuss typical use-cases for using it.

Episode 408: Azure Load Testing
Hosted by Arsen Vladimirskiy, the team talks to Azure PM John Stallo about the new Azure Load Testing service. John explains the history behind the service and how it simplifies and democratizes load testing such that it can be part of any software development lifecycle.


Episode 822: Building Oh My Posh with Jan De Dobbeleer
I love a great command prompt and so does Jan De Dobbeleer. Building on the “Oh My” naming style, Jan started On My Posh on PowerShell and later brought it to all shells. Scott talks to Jan about open source, Go, and the fun in bootstrapping a community.

Episode 823: Redefining Imposter Syndrome with Maya Bello
Maya is a software engineer who has worked at companies like Intuit and Slack. She’s also taught game design as well as Java and OOP techniques as a Tutor at UCSD. She runs a successful YouTube channel and often mentors newbies. However, she’s struggled with Imposter Syndrome. In this chat with Scott, Maya asks “why not me?” and considers how to redefine Imposter Syndrome and make it a superpower rather than a problem.


Observability with RabbitMQ and microservices
When using RabbitMQ and microservices, how do you gain observability of a system? In this article Dmitrii Tarasov  describes how he achieved permanent event log and replay functionality, publishers/consumers topology visibility and distributed tracing of events.

Messaging Patterns : Flow, SAGA, Messaging Gateway and Observability With RabbitMQ Exchange to Exchange Bindings
This article describes a Java implementation of a previous article, Integrated Microservices. Also, it adds other concepts like Message Flows, the SAGA Pattern, RabbitMQ Exchange to Exchange bindings, CloudEvents message standard, and the Messaging Gateway Pattern.


Enterprises Are Sailing Into a Perfect Storm of Cloud Risk
In every cloud-based data breach we’ve learned about, misconfiguration mistakes played a central role. These misconfiguration “rogue waves” have hit some of the biggest and most advanced cloud customers — Twitch recently, and Uber, Imperva, and Capital One before it. All of these attacks involved a complex chain of exploits against cloud provider API control planes.

Kubernetes Security Compliance Frameworks
Comparing popular Kubernetes security and compliance frameworks, how they differ, when to use, common goals, and suggested tools. This article delves into the popular Kubernetes security guidance frameworks, the principles on which they are built, and the benefits and challenges of adopting them.

Azure Services

How to get started with Azure Lighthouse
Azure Lighthouse is a service by Microsoft for service providers that offer multi-tenant management with higher and enhanced scalability, automation, and governance. In this article, we will see what the Azure Lighthouse service is and how it is beneficial for service providers. We will also see how you can onboard new customers with Azure Lighthouse.

Have a great learning week!

Photo by Paulius Dragunas on Unsplash