TWIL: May 22, 2022

This week I recommend a set of articles about Web Components, the new landing zone accelerator for Azure API Management and Azure Static Web Apps CLI. I also highlight the Azure Tips & Tricks

TWIL: May 15, 2022

This week I'm highlighting a set of podcasts, namely an episode on how kids can learn to code and another one about the book and website, both by Scott Hanselman. I also recommend the

TWIL: May 8, 2022

Two very busy weeks led me to skip one TWIL, but here is This Week I Learned! I'm highlighting a set of podcast episodes on topics such as Open Service Mesh and IaC, as well as a few articles on

TWIL: April 24, 2022

Falcone, which was really cool. Beside that, I spent a ton of time around Dapr and Cosmos DB, and I recommend reading about the launch of Microsoft Purview, the new suite of products of compliance

TWIL: April 17, 2022

bout Azure Container Apps, one of the new services offered in Azure with a special focus on microservices with a serverless model. I also highlight a few interesting podcasts on different topics,

TWIL: April 10, 2022

This week I'll highlight three episodes from the .NET Rocks podcast, on Avalonia, Lift & Shifting to the cloud and Azure Static Web Apps. A few articles on a different topics, from quantum computing,

TWIL: April 3, 2022

This Week I Learned about using HashiCorp Vault for secret management and Flex CD for GitOps in Kubernetes. I also highlight two interesting podcasts: one on Azure Marketplace and another one on

TWIL: March 27, 2022

This week I shifted my focus to Kafka but I still had a few GitOps articles to share with you. I also highlight the latest episodes from the Azure podcast, on Azure DNS, Azure Purview and App Service

TWIL: March 20, 2022

This week I got to dive a little deeper on Kubernetes networking as well as on GitOps and CI/CD best practices. I'm also highlighting Azure services for IoT, such as Azure IoT Central and Azure

TWIL: March 13, 2022

Most of my learning week was spend around #Kubernetes, namely networking and observability topics. I also highlight the 2-part documentary about Kubernetes and an episode of the Azure podcast about